Inventory Shortages

Toyota is working to provide more transparency to both dealers, and our customers, about where things are at.

“Toyota’s North American plants continue to face intermittent production delays due to supply chain disruptions. To minimize the impact, our teams are working diligently to do everything possible to lessen the inconvenience to our customers and suppliers” - Toyota

Toyota is currently working on establishing programs that will allow us to track VIN numbers and see exactly where a vehicle is in the process of manufacturing and shipping. There will be more details to follow on this.

Q: What about pricing?

We know that there’s a lot of dealerships out there that are marking up cars. We’re seeing markups on vehicles across the board. Here at Toyota Walnut Creek, we are committed to, and remain vigilant, in not selling a vehicle over MSRP. We will always be at least $1 below MSRP, we will never waiver from this commitment to you.

Q: What model year am I going to get?

We’ve had customers put deposits on 2022’s and even earlier model years, and what we’re finding is the model years are shifting. So if Toyota decides to build the next model year, you won’t need to call us and let us know you want to place a new order, your order will automatically be carried over to the next model year. So for example, if you ordered a 2022, but they’re now only producing 2023’s, you will receive a 2023, and it will still be at least $1 below MSRP.

Q: What about tax incentives and interest rates?

These are all great and important questions we’re happy to discuss with you. We also strongly encourage reaching out to your CPA, specifically about tax incentives, as some things have changed with the Inflation Reduction Act. Regarding interest rates, yes we are seeing increased interest rates, however Toyota has been doing a great job providing us with incentivized rates, and we haven’t seen those rates change much on new vehicle purchases.

Q: What about my trade-in worth?

Trades are worth more now than they’ve ever been. You have a couple of options - you can trade your car in now and secure the highest value due to demand, or if you still need that vehicle until you have a replacement secured, at the time you’re ready to trade we’ll still give you top dollar.

Q: What are my payments going to be?

Reach out to us, we’d be happy to go through this information with you. We can walk you through our best assessment of what the MSRP will be, what your trade will be worth, and what the current interest rates are, so you can plan and prepare for financial readiness when your vehicle arrives.

Q: What if my need has become more urgent?

If you have a more urgent need, we encourage you to reach out to us. We have a lot of options for you through increasing our used vehicle inventory in order to have vehicles ready for immediate need. We can also look at different models that may be coming in sooner than what you ordered.

Please don’t hesitate to call or text Brad Barnett, General Manager, at 925-296-3500 with any questions or concerns. We really appreciate you putting your trust in us, and it means the world to us that you’re giving us the opportunity to serve you.